The Plan

 I have delusions of grandeur for this blog. I envision waking up and seeing thousands of hits on what started out as a modest student-run baseball blog. As far off the mark as my vision may be, I do hope that this blog can be a way for me to express my adulation of Japanese baseball and namely, the Swallows.

I intend to write:
1. post-game recaps for every game featuring video highlights.
2. series previews, and occasionally game previews.
3. "Around the League" segments which feature news and notes from around the NPB.
4. opinion pieces on the sport in general.
5. whatever else comes to my mind.

A little about myself:
Full disclosure, my reasons for creating this blog are not entirely altruistic. I am a student at the University of Miami and as the internship and job search proceeds, I find that writing samples are often advantageous.

I am half-Japanese; my mom is from Osaka (my favorite Pacific League team is the Orix Buffaloes for this reason). I have been to Japan twice, and have attended three baseball games during my time there. Immediately taken by the atmosphere and quality of play, I have continued my passion for the Japanese game stateside.

The games are generally from 1 a.m. or 5 a.m. depending on whether it's a day or night game. Staying up late, or waking up early, are not easy to fit into my busy class schedule, however, entirely necessary. Living in Japan time is no easy task, and I often find myself jet-lagged throughout the day, notably in the middle of long lecture classes. You are the benefactor of my tumbling grades.

© 2011, copyright Julian Jowise


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